About Us

Backside Sandpaper is a product manufactured and sold at our shop in Flint Hill, Missouri by the folks at The Wood Whisperer, Inc.


The Story Behind Backside Sandpaper

Our 2-sided sandpaper is the brainchild of Jonathan McMahon. In 2014, Jonathan approached several sandpaper companies to see if they could start producing sandpaper with grit on both sides, something he wanted for his own use. No one was interested so Jonathan made it himself. After taking some time to refine the process, he began selling his 2-sided sandpaper under the EPOCH WOOD brand. Jonathan sent me (Marc) some samples of his sandpaper and I've been a fan ever since. In 2023, with an international move on the horizon, Jonathan approached me about taking over the business given my appreciation for the product. I jumped at the opportunity. The product is now manufactured and shipped from our shop in Flint Hill, Missouri under the brand Backside Sandpaper but we'll always be thankful to Jonathan for coming up with the idea and allowing The Wood Whisperer to carry on the legacy of this excellent concept for the world's first 2-sided sandpaper.